The Problem

1 Change Your Thinking
2 Snowflakes in a Blizzard
3 Hidden Jobs

Problems You Can Solve

4 Know Your Niche?
5 What’s Your Market Value?

Who Needs You

6 Your Bridge
7 Making Contact
8 Four Degrees to Your Dream Job!
9 Four Degrees in Real Life

Become A Known Entity

10 Peer to Peer
11 Subject Matters
12 It’s In the Script
13 To Email or Not to Email
14 Do It Anyway
15 Face to Face
16 Putting It All Together
17 The Buddy System
18 The Last Thing You Need

“I had heard many people talk about the hidden job market but until I met Dennis and learned his method I had not met anyone who could actually tell me how to find a job there.”
  - Michael Yoon, Director Human Resources, General Dynamics

“If you are not in the job you want I strongly encourage you to check this out. If you apply the strategy it will take you to a completely different level of interaction with prospective employers.”
  - Richard Dresser, Financial Analyst, Bank of America

“The key to this is building relationships with the right people. It’s not about looking for a job. One of the Directors I met with told me that I was exactly what they were looking for. We had not even talked about a job at all until then. It happened just like Dennis said it would!”
  - Gary Goodson, Operations Manager, State of California

“Dennis’ method gave me hope again! I created my own interviews with companies I wanted to work for even if there was no job advertised.”
  - Martha Osborn, Marketing Manager, Taleo Corporation