Success Stories

“By following Dennis’ method I created 37 interviews in just over 2 months. I uncovered 6 “hidden jobs” and was considered for an additional 4 advertised jobs. I found my “Dream Job” at a wildlife museum just as I hoped. It was not advertised, and I was the first one to find out that it would be available!

Doing this is not like a warm cup of cocoa but it’s better than staring at your computer and sending resumes into the Black Hole all day!”

- Rhonda Gallo, School Teacher

“By coincidence, my son brought a copy of your Four Degree book home for Christmas break and I started reading it. I thought it was so helpful that I ordered a copy to give to a friend of mine.

I found your perspectives very accurate, and your advice very practical.

Last year, I resigned my position as President & CEO of Raley's Family of Fine Stores. (Raley's is a $3.3 billion retail grocery company based in Sacramento. After taking a much needed sabbatical, and then doing some consulting work, I am now beginning to explore opportunities to assume another CEO or senior executive level position in a company. This is my first experience interacting with executive recruiters as a "candidate" and I have found the process highly unproductive! After reading your book, I now understand why that is!

Thanks for opening my eyes to the reality of the situation. I plan to alter my approach, based on the advice in your book.

- Bill Coyne, Former President & CEO, Raley's Family of Fine Stores

“I had heard many people talk about the hidden job market but until I met Dennis and learned his method I had not met anyone who could actually tell me how to find a job there. Following the process I consistently set up 3-5 interviews per week with CEO’s of major corporations. It works!”

- Michael Yoon, Director Human Resources, General Dynamics

Hi Dennis

“I hope this finds you well.  I wanted to share with you some really good news.  I just received an offer to be a full staff member at the same company where I've been completing my 6-month contract as an Intern!  I just got a verbal offer from my manager this past Friday and I am still pinching myself today, LOL!  

Honestly, I still can't believe it :)  This is the best thing that has ever happened to me and actually it is freaking me out a little bit.  One year ago I adopted your method, and created project meetings. At first in industry fields that were just safe and not what I really wanted and then in fields that I dreamed about working in.  Now, here I am working in- literally- my dream job, doing science marketing at an advertising agency.  Even now as I am writing this it, it feels like I am telling a fairytale about how I would like my professional life to be!” 

-Veena Kumar, Account Manager

“When I first started my search, I was confident and active all the time. I networked, made lots of contacts, applied for advertised jobs, and had several interviews. I was sure I would have a job in no time.

After a few months, however, I lost hope, and the process became very difficult. I hated to get up and face the computer and would stare at the screen, wondering what I was doing wrong and what to do differently.

Dennis’ method gave me hope again! I created my own interviews with companies I wanted to work for even if there was no job advertised.”

- Martha Osborn, Marketing Manager

Hi Terry:

“I just listened to the CD you gave me from Dennis Thompson, on interviewing. It was, in a word, excellent.  I never spent much time looking at it from his perspective, but it does make so much sense, and certainly would have been of value to me over the years  I liked his comments about people being apprehensive about asking certain questions for fear they don't really want to know the answer to (or can't accept).  It's really true that "it is, what it is" and the sooner you know, the better.  Thanks for lending it to me.”
- A. N., Operations Executive

“Using your "Three Bullet Email” technique my resume was not only read, but the CEO gave it to the VP of sales who called me the next day!”
- John Powell, Sales Executive

“I had struggled with several interviews over a period of months and finally had an opportunity with a firm that I really wanted to work for. In preparation I listened to your “Take Charge of Your Next Interview” CD several times over a couple of days and spent several hours practicing the strategy and the questions. When it came time to interview I was totally prepared and comfortable with the techniques. I had questions prepared and written just as the CD insert suggests.

At the end of the interview with the key decision maker he shook my hand and said “You’re great, just what we are looking for. If you pass the technical test we’ll make you an offer immediately. I did ace the tech test and was given a generous offer the next day.
It was by far, the best interview I have ever had, thanks to you and your CD.”
- L. Riggil, Engineer

“Using your killer empowerment techniques, I indeed landed the job. I have never felt so empowered in an interview situation like I was with your technique.”
-Larry Fitzsimons, Manager

“I already knew from attending a myriad of networking groups and outplacement programs that I needed to network. I knew that the best opportunities are found in the hidden job market. What I didn't know was exactly who to call. Where and how do I get those names? What do I say to them? How do I follow up? I realized that the biggest things I needed to develop were the skills and confidence to pick up the phone and make the right calls. I got all of this and more from Dennis’s Four Degrees Method.
I got detailed tools, resources, and support on exactly how to identify the right companies and the right people at those companies. I learned how to create and perfect scripts that work for all the parts of the process. I got the coaching I needed to navigate the challenges I faced along the way. Most importantly, Dennis' system gave me what I need to always have opportunities available.

If you are not in the job you want I strongly encourage you to check this out. If you apply the strategy it will take you to a completely different level of interaction with prospective employers.”

- Richard Dresser, Financial Analyst, Bank of America

“Before I learned about Dennis’s strategy, I didn’t have a system, a clear, defined focus -- even though I thought I did. Now, I am completely in charge. I know where I’m going and exactly how to get there.
Previously, whenever I talked with a network or company contact, I felt like I was asking for a favor. I am now interacting with people on a peer level, much more professional and legitimate. Using Dennis' methodology, I am able to contact anyone at any level, whether I have a referral or not.
People are anxious to meet with me. I am already creating several interviews per week with senior decision-makers and even board members of my target companies and organizations.
The key to this is building relationships with the right people. It’s not about looking for a job. One of the Directors I met with told me that I was exactly what they were looking for. We had not even talked about a job at all until then. It happened just like Dennis said it would!”

- Gary Goodson, Operations Manager, State of California

“This is a great strategy if you're out of work, but it’s even better if you apply it while you're still employed to learn how to create options before you're laid off.”
- S. Mascorro V.P. Sales

“This kind of strategic coaching is ordinarily only available to senior executives on a one-on-one basis for thousands of dollars. Dennis has democratized his system and made it accessible to anyone who is serious about their career.”  
- Ken Boasso – Managing Director, Keychain Logic

“I had been out of work for 10 months prior to learning about the Four Degrees Method. I had applied to 30 different positions online that had resulted in only one phone interview. I was automatically screened out for most positions and, as a result, had one in person interview in the prior 5 months—I received a rejection letter in the mail during the workshop. I had religiously attended job networking meetings trying to mine contacts who might lead me to possible opportunities. I had also registered with several recruiters and received calls about jobs that I wasn’t right for or weren’t what I wanted. I was even getting turned down for temp work because I was not qualified and “to senior” for those positions.

Using this strategy I gained the confidence to identify and contact people who if they had a job would be interested in my skills. I learned what to say to get meetings with these people and how turn those meetings into potential offers. I had fear about the process and actually making the calls, but once I got started I was able to set meetings with people who could hire me if they had an opportunity that would fit my skills.

By working the process, I was able to put myself in a position to find a job that was better than even my own vision of my ideal position. I found a job that I had no direct experience for, pays me more at an entry level than I was making at my last job after 10 years, is 10 minutes from my home and has tremendous opportunity for advancement. For the first time in my life I feel like I am in control of my career and I truly owe it all to this process.”

- Larry Nelson- Commercial Real Estate Analyst

“On Friday, I had an interview for my project with an organization that helps the homeless in Ca. Martinez. During my project interview questions, the woman blurts out that they happen to have a Development position open and here's the job description for it. I NEVER would have heard about this position before taking Dennis' course. It may not be right for me, but it's still something that is unadvertised, so no real competition yet.”

- Janet Levin, Marketing Professional, Walnut Creek, Ca

“This system is just the opposite of the way I was conducting my search. Instead of desperately trying to climb up a ladder of gatekeepers I am starting at the top and viewed as a peer.

It allows me to connect with key decision makers on a peer level and bring value to them. Now I am coming from a position of strength.”

-Leonard Olson, Research Scientist

Hi Dennis,

“My name is David Goldstein, and I heard you speak about 4 years ago, at ProMatch. I purchased your CD on interviewing, and I have to say that it is the best, easiest to follow interview strategy that I have ever heard. It works - I have gotten two jobs since then, and I am sure that much of it is that I am much better at interviewing than the competition.”

-David Goldstein, IT Manager