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The 8 Second Resume - 30 min webinar Free!  more info...

Most resumes submitted to online postings are never even seen much less read. The few that are seen are given a 5-8 second scan before being discarded or placed in the "longer look stack".
"Using your 'Three Bullet Email' technique my resume was not only read, but the CEO gave it to the VP of sales who called me the next day!" -John Powell, Austin Texas
Take Charge of Your Next Interview - 60 min webinar $25.00  more info...
Most candidates focus their time and energy on giving "the right answers" to what ever questions they are asked. The real secret to interviewing is not in how to answer questions but rather... how to ask them.
"Using your killer empowerment techniques, I indeed landed the job. I have never felt so empowered in an interview situation like I was with your technique."  -L.Fitzsimons
Four Degrees: How to Get an Interview with Anyone - 60 min webinar $25.00  more info...
The difference between people who are in charge of their job search/career and those who let others control their work lives is that they are proactive vs. reactive.
Proactive job seekers don't wait to be invited to interviews... They create their own!
“I had heard many people talk about the hidden job market, but until I took the workshop, I had not met anyone who could actually tell me how to find a job there.”   -Michael Yoon, Senior H.R. Manager General Dynamics